These days,I like to think about the things that make México one of the most magical places in the world. Our country is full of culture, colors and flavors. For me, returning to Mexico after having lived and worked was a time of catharsis in my career. I realized the wealth we Mexicans have to contribute the world of design and ,the hands of our artisans are able to create true works of art that surpass the beauty of foreign products. The joy of colors, the connections to nature that our indigenous people share, and the warmth of our people are elements that help create unique spaces in which one can feel at home.

I think in this moment it is necessary that we all reflect on how rich our country is and how it is necessary to believe in us as Mexicans and bet on the cultural wonder that we have in our own home. This will help México grow.

Al volver a México después de haber vivido y trabajado en otros lugares fue una catarsis en mi carrera, ya que me di cuenta de la riqueza que tenemos para aportar al mundo del diseño; las manos de nuestros artesanos son capaces de crear verdaderas obras de arte que sobre pasan la belleza de productos extranjeros, la alegría de nuestros colores, la visión de nuestros pueblos indígenas sobre la naturaleza y la calidez de nuestra gente son elementos que influyen en la creación de espacios únicos.

Creo necesario reflexionar sobre las riquezas que nuestro país ofrece; debemos apostar las maravillas que nuestra cultura ofrece.

CREDITS / CRÉDITOS Plates: @tallerpacopadilla / Furniture: @grupodcristal / Glassware: @loschilaquiles_ /Flowers: @viveplants / Mural: @bollahiriart / Photo: @clement.chevelt / Location: @le.casablanca